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Scottsdale homeowners who want an interior painting service that is outstanding and makes their home feel like a haven should choose Orange Door Custom Coatings. We’re always innovating and setting new industry standards with our custom coatings. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience, so you can be confident you’ll receive a top-notch interior painting service each time you work with us.
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We go above and beyond to give you the best paint job possible so you don’t have to spend your time doing it yourself. We want you to be delighted with the final product, which is why we always aim to over-deliver.

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If you’re based in Scottsdale and searching for an interior painting company, we are one of the few certified professionals in your vicinity. With over 800+ completed projects under our belt, we have the experience to provide you with the best possible end product.

At our company, we pride ourselves on not only providing superior craftsmanship but also a simple and quick process. Your preferences are always at the front and center of our work, and we promise to listen to what you want before offering advice. We’ll then apply all of your requests so you can get exactly what you wanted for your interior paint job in Scottsdale!

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Troy & Alexa


We hired Dustin to come out and epoxy our floors. The workmanship was amazing and the customer service is wonderful.

Dustin and Justin were astounding to work with.

If you need garage floors with epoxy or your house painted this is your company!


Brent Inbornoni


Dustin and his team went above and beyond for me. I needed my concrete patio refinished on a tight deadline and they got the job done for a fair price.

It looks great now and the team was friendly and professional.

Would highly recommended – all around great experience with this company.

Types Of Painting Finishes

The best part about investing in interior painting is that you can make your walls look completely different depending on the type of finish you choose.

At our on-site consultation, we’ll show you samples and explain to you how every finish acts differently. Until then, let’s discuss the most popular finishes.

Matte Finish

Paint with a matte or flat finish will give your walls a subdued hue with either no shine or very little sheen. These types of paint have the most amount of pigment, so fewer coats are needed for full coverage–saving you both time and money.

This paint is often called the concealer because it can easily hide imperfections like scratches and nail holes. If that’s what you’re looking for, then matte paint is ideal. However, keep in mind that this finish works best on interior wall spaces like bedrooms since it doesn’t tolerate much wear and tear as other types of finishes might.

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Textured Finish

There are many benefits to adding textured paint to your walls, including creating a unique and rustic look that is perfect for today’s design trends. Textured paint finishes can give your bedroom walls depth, shadow, and elegance while hiding any imperfections in the wall. There are many different types of textures available, ranging from brick to fabric, so you can find the perfect look for your home. If you’re interested in metallic textured paint finishes, here is one option for you to consider.
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Satin Finish

The all-rounder of wall paint finishes is satin. It reflects more light than eggshell but isn’t as glossy as other options. If you can imagine the shine and texture of a pearl, that’s what satin provides. It’s ideal for places that don’t get a lot of natural light, like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

The only drawback of this adaptable finish is that it makes any application flaws, like brush strokes, more visible. Even though its called satin, the texture and finish are more velvety, soft, and pearl-like. But there’s plenty to still appreciate about this paint job. If you’re interested in using it for your next project, check out one of the best satin finishes here.

satin interior paint finish

Eggshell Finish

The eggshell, as its name might suggest to you, is a wall paint finish that isn’t as dull as flat paint. It has a slightly low sheen to it, similar in appearance to an eggshell. Painting your walls with an eggshell finish will make them easier to clean while being more durable and able to hide any imperfections.

If you’re looking for a paint finish with a subtle sheen, eggshell is a great option. It’s perfect for signature walls and homeowners who want something between satin and flat paints. With its ability to conceal imperfections, eggshell is one of the most popular paint finishes on the market.

living space with eggshell paint finish

High-Gloss Finish

The hard, super shiny, light-reflecting high-gloss finish has the highest sheen and shine of all wall color paint finishes. Perfect for areas where natural light is scarce, or for signature walls, the high-gloss finish is a popular choice amongst designers because of its reflective quality. Along with its sheen, it is known for being highly durable and easy to clean.

Any surface with a high-gloss finish will reveal every imperfection, making it less than ideal for large surfaces. However, its durability and easy cleanup make it ideal for cabinetry, doors, kitchen work, accents, and areas that are prone to moisture and dirt. The only drawback is in the application of the paint since it requires more coats; if not done well, this can result in an uneven or streaky finish.

high-gloss paint finish

Semi-gloss Finish

Flat, high-gloss, and semi-gloss paints each serve a different purpose. Semi-gloss paint is in the middle, with a shiny yet not too glossy finish that can easily be cleaned – perfect for walls that need an extra bit of durability. These types of paints are also great to use if you want two colors or finishes on your walls.

Deciding on the perfect paint for your home can be tricky, but we’ve compiled a few key points about this specific kind to help you out. This paint is highly durable and resistant to mildew, making it ideal for places in your house that are often exposed to moisture or see high traffic levels, like playrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. It’s also easier to clean than other finishes; however, one downside is that its strong sheen will reveal any wall flaws or imperfections.

semi-gloss paint finish in kitchen

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The Best Interior Painting Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide top-notch interior painting services by ensuring that we do excellent preparation work first. This entails cleaning walls, taping windows and doors, protecting furniture if required, and making small repairs if needed. We’ll also clean up the area after applying paint or other materials. Lastly, we’ll do a walkthrough with you to guarantee that you’re content with the results.
If you’re looking to get your Scottsdale home painted and are wondering how much it’ll cost, on average you’re looking at spending anywhere between $8,000-$13,000 for a 2,500 sq ft interior. Your total price may differ based on paint color selection(s), desired finish(es), repairs that need to be made prior to painting commencing, and if the rooms are furnished or not. But no worries! We will help determine the best painting solution depending on what kind of budget you’re working with.
A 2,500-square-foot home can be painted in approximately one week, while an average-sized room will take only a day. This is dependent upon individual selections and whether or not the rooms are furnished/unoccupied.
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Orange Doors Custom Coatings is the perfect company to take on your interior paint job in Scottsdale. We have a simple and quick process, and our only goal is for you to be happy with your new space. We’re dedicated to making sure our customers love their new indoor space.

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