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epoxy garage flooring in arizona

For those seeking the utmost resilience, strength, and a breeze of maintenance in high-traffic areas, epoxy garage flooring is the ideal choice. It can be implemented anywhere—residential, commercial, or industrial settings—and comes with additional luxuries, such as being able to customize your finish into any hue or design that best suits you!

At Orange Door Custom Coatings, our goal is to deliver epoxy garage floors with unparalleled style and quality. With over a century of collective industry experience, we possess the skill and expertise necessary for crafting exquisite designs that will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors. Our superior craftsmanship guarantees that each project exudes excellence – trust us to ensure you receive nothing but the best!

epoxy garage floors paradise valley

Revamp Your Garage Floors With Extra Perks

We pledge to exceed your expectations and provide you with an effortless solution. You’ll be left in awe when you see the top-notch epoxy garage floor we will construct for you – it’ll be sure to surpass all of your requirements!

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Are you on the hunt for an experienced and reliable epoxy flooring provider in Paradise Valley? Look no further! We are certified professionals with more than 100 completed projects under our belt, guaranteeing that we can deliver superior results. Let us be your go-to experts when it comes to quality epoxy flooring solutions!

When you select us, you can rest assured that our craftsmanship is second to none and that your expectations will be met. We take the time to comprehend what makes customers contented, then set them on a path of success, so they get precisely the results they are aiming for. With our customized process unique to each customer’s wants and needs, we ensure every client experiences satisfaction with their project!

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Paradise Valley Homeowners Love Their New Epoxy Garage Floors!


Troy & Alexa


We hired Dustin to come out and epoxy our floors. The workmanship was amazing and the customer service is wonderful.

Dustin and Justin were astounding to work with.

If you need garage floors with epoxy or your house painted this is your company!


Brent Inbornoni


Dustin and his team went above and beyond for me. I needed my concrete patio refinished on a tight deadline and they got the job done for a fair price.

It looks great now and the team was friendly and professional.

Would highly recommended – all around great experience with this company.

Types Of Epoxy Flooring

Introducing a personal touch in your home or place of work is one of the many advantages of having epoxy floors. Depending on your finish type, your floor can be completely transformed into anything from an industrial-looking steel varnish to a sleek marble sheen!

Prior to our consultation, here are a few of the most popular finishes and how each will contribute to your floor’s appearance. During this meeting, we’ll present examples and discuss how these finishes may be ideal for you personally.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

For a residential or commercial building, epoxy terrazzo flooring is the perfect choice for adding luxury and refinement. This type of flooring combines natural materials such as marble, mother of pearl, glass, and granite with epoxy to create an incredibly smooth surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Once polished to perfection, it adds convenience and style – bringing your space into its own!

Epoxy terrazzo is the perfect flooring solution for expansive spaces due to its lovely aesthetics, extreme durability (lasting up to 40 years!), and minimal maintenance requirements. This makes it ideal for highly-trafficked areas that need a strong yet attractive finish!

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Epoxy Flake Coating

Bring life to your commercial space with epoxy flake coating! This stunning floor finish is crafted through the scattering of colorful flakes on a colored epoxy base coat and topped off by an enduring, transparent sealer. As it’s simple to maintain and resistant to wear caused by foot traffic or harsh chemicals, this option would be ideal for garages!

This type of coating offers an anti-slip surface, and the flakes can be tailored to meet any design needs. This makes it a great choice for busy commercial spaces, as cleaning up after spillages and messes is easy!

Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for large industrial garages, as they can be customized to feature a uniform color and desired level of shine: matte, satin, or glossy. Ensure you opt-in for epoxy floor coatings in areas with light to medium activity levels to maintain a polished look while providing durable protection against wear and tear.

With the vast array of epoxy coatings available today, it is always a wise decision to speak with an expert in flooring. This way, you can be sure that the coating chosen suits your needs perfectly and provides optimum performance for whatever environment you intend to use it in.

Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy Self-Levelers

Anyone who has ever tried to install a floor knows the difficulty of achieving an even surface. Uneven floors are aesthetically displeasing, pose tripping hazards, and make furniture or equipment placement difficult. Fortunately, Self-Leveling (SL) epoxy flooring is here – providing a speedy way to get flawless results with smooth surfaces!

If you’re looking for an attractive and functional flooring solution, self-leveling epoxy (SL) flooring may be worth considering. When applied in liquid form, SL epoxy sets quickly into a smooth finish with no seams. In addition, the resin-rich formulation of SL epoxy provides a strong finish that can withstand heavy use.

Epoxy Self-Levelers

Antistatic Epoxy Flooring

Investing in antistatic epoxy flooring creates a safe and efficient garage workspace free of electrostatic charge. It offers an incredibly durable, seamless coating that meets the strictest standards for anti-electrostatic properties. This practical solution protects your workplace from static electricity and enjoys a beautifully finished space!

Antistatic flooring solutions provide a secure way to eliminate static electricity that people may create. They come in various models suited for light, medium or heavy traffic areas and are perfect for numerous applications.

Antistatic Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Screeds

If you’re in need of a flooring solution that is both hard-wearing and reliable, then epoxy screeds could be your best bet. This type of medium to heavy-duty floor system will protect the underlying surface and provide an excellent foundation for installing other types of resin floors, such as anti-slip coating or self-leveling epoxy coatings. Make sure your space stands up to whatever life throws at it with an epoxy screed!

While they are slightly thicker than traditional flooring at 4-6mm, trowel application and power floating create a smooth final product that is worth the investment. You’ll have a level, great-looking floor that will last for years.

Epoxy Screeds

Inspiration For Your Future Epoxy Garage Floors

The Best Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Process In Paradise Valley

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our thorough service begins with a detailed diamond-grinding and cleaning of the surface. After drying, we apply our first primer coat, followed by the base color layer to add the desired appeal. To customize your look further, you can opt for metallic pigments, flake/chip broadcasts, or inlay graphics as an optional third layer!

To ensure your floor is finished to perfection, we finish with a superior two-layer polyaspartic coating that will secure the color. As part of our excellence commitment, you can expect comprehensive cleaning and attention to detail until it’s spotless. Once complete, we’ll give you an individual tour so you have every confidence in its beauty!

Whether you require epoxy flooring for your garage or indoors across Paradise Valley, the cost will vary depending on various factors. On average, 500-square-foot setups may range from $2,500 to upwards of $3,500+, depending on what selections work best for you.

Epoxy floors can be installed in a mere 24 hours, while the premium options provide an expedient return to service!

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Transform your Paradise Valley space with the installation of Orange Doors Custom Coatings’ epoxy garage floors! Our team of professionals takes the hassle out of the process, striving to make sure that you will be completely thrilled with the result.

We recognize how crucial it is for customers to have a great indoor environment and prioritize our workflow so that you can form a renewed appreciation for your home or business. Let us help craft a magnificent look today!

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